"... and on the either side of the river was there the tree of life, which bore twelve kinds of fruit, and yielded her fruit every month: and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations." ... Rev 22.2

Financial Management

CHAK cherishes integrity, accountability, efficiency and professionalism in the  management of financial resources. CHAK’s Finance and Administration team is made up of professional accountants with competency in accounting, budgeting, grant & financial management and business management.

In addition CHAK Secretariat accounts and all financial transactions are computerized using the Pastel Accounting Software which is internationally marketed and adequately supported.

An Annual Operational Plan and Budget is prepared at the beginning of each year for CHAK core/administrative budget and various projects. This is reviewed by the Finance Committee and approved by Executive Committee (EXCO/Board). Financial reports on budget monitoring are submitted quarterly to EXCO (Board) through the Finance Committee. In addition project work plans are developed quarterly, six monthly and annually as guided by donor sub-agreements. Programmatic and financial reports are prepared and submitted quarterly, six monthly and annually as stipulated in donor funding agreements to ensure compliance with donor guidelines

Financial transactions and procurements are guided by policy documents; the Finance Management Procedure Manual and Procurement Policy. Sub-granting of funds to member health facilities and other implementers is guided by Grants Management Policy. Compliance with approved budgets and procedures is assured through internal audit. External Audit of all CHAK accounts is conducted annually by Certified Public Accountants appointed by the AGM and their report submitted to the AGM after being reviewed by Finance Committee and approved by EXCO.

Financial reporting to donors and external audit of project accounts is done every six months or as stipulated in the donor agreements. CHAK Secretariat has also embraced Web Banking to further enhance efficiency in banking transactions and monitoring of Bank Accounts for timely reconciliation and donor reporting.