"... and on the either side of the river was there the tree of life, which bore twelve kinds of fruit, and yielded her fruit every month: and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations." ... Rev 22.2

Hospital Management Systems 

CHAK acknowledges that information technology is key to optimizing efficiency in health systems. Access to accurate, reliable and timely information is critical for planning, decision making, resource management and accountability. CHAK has responded to the needs articulated by member hospitals by developing a customized information management solution building on the available open source systems. CHAK's hospital management system provides an integrated package that addresses the needs of clinical services and administration/management.

CHAK Hospital Management System (CHMS)

CHAK has continued to develop, enhance, install, train and support use of an integrated hospital management software that is built on two open source systems; the CARE2X and WebERP.

The CHAK Hospital Management Software (CHMS) was initiated to respond to a demand by member hospitals who were frustrated by the cost, inadequate performance and lack of dependable support for other solutions available in the market.

CHAK Hospital Management System has been developed in response to identified information management needs of member hospitals. It provides capabilities for:

    • Patient records management
    • Revenue collection tracking
    • Pharmaceutical commodities stock  management
    • Assets inventory
    • Accounting records maintenance
    • Financial reports generation and
    • Payroll for human resource compensation management

The system has capability for online maintenance and technical support is provided by CHAK Secretariat HMIS Team. It was launched in November 2010 following successful pilot in two hospitals and one health centre and has been rolled out for implementation starting with the high volume CHAK Hospitals. Once fully installed the entire hospital operations are interlinked. Clinicians are also able to do the patient Laboratory test requests and prescribe medication online. Patients are provided with unique identifier numbers which enables tracking of all services provided for accurate service billing/costing. Data security has been addressed through restricted access rights and regular backups.

CHAK vision for this system is to achieve national roll out to all member health facilities and to create linkages with the national HMIS of the Ministry of Health for patient data reporting.

The CHMS has the following features:

  • Achieves a paperless hospital processing environment resulting in huge savings in stationery
  • Prevents internal fraud and leakages
  • Absolute control of stock movement and transfers
  • Comprehensive hospital information solution with accounting services and payroll processing for human resource reward management
  • Optimal module for human resource management and statutory compliance
  • Electronic Medical Records to track patient history
  • Generation of various reports required by Ministry of Health for each department
  • Comprehensive procurement and store management module

A total of 13 CHAK member health facilities are currently using the software with notable success. The system has helped the health facilities to achieve the following among others:

  • Improved patient turnaround time
  • Increased revenue collection due to proper accountability
  • Easily accessible patient history
  • Better inventory management
  • Comprehensive accounting that follows international accounting standards
  • Adherence to international health standards such as the WHO approved ICD-10 coding 
  • Seamless paperless workflow
  • Easy compilation of accurate medical reports for the Ministry of Health such as morbidity and mortality reports
  • Accurate and efficient payroll preparation
  • Real time reports to support administrative functions and management in decision making
  • Accurate and reliable debt management
  • Cost saving on stationery due to removal of use of paper work

The CHAK HMIS team provides technical support to all implementing health facilities through physical visits and web-based on-line support. This strategy has helped to mitigate the major challenge experienced with off-the-shelf solutions by MHUs of unreliable support.

CHAK Document Management System

CHAK has also installed a Document Management System which facilitates exchange, storage and retrieval of electronic files, documents, emails, images, records and web pages with the objective of strengthening document management.

The system has enhanced financial reporting, review and feedback in grant management as follows:

  • Easy and fast access to information
  • Secure storage of information
  • Documents can easily be shared between members
  • Reduces the cost of managing records and documents
  • Simplicity 

In 2015, CHAK implemented the system in four new CHAK health facilities that are implementing HIV care and treatment programmes through grants from PEPFAR. Technical support was also provided to the 15 hospitals already installed and using the system.