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Despite a seemingly flattening COVID-19 curve by the end of February 2021, the Government has continued to announce a daily increase in the number of infections and deaths.

CHAK member health units have responded to the challenge of COVID-19 by taking various measures including establishment of isolation centres, well-equipped COVID-19 wards with oxygen supply, community sensitization, seeking support from different partners, among others.
It is against this backdrop that CHAK re-doubled its efforts to build the capacity of its member units to deal with the pandemic, reaching over 450 of the health facilities under its umbrella with these efforts.

Posters and brochures

Among the measures undertaken by CHAK to support its membership in the fight against the pandemic is the identification and sharing of posters with COVID-19 messaging with the facilities. In the early stages of the pandemic, posters with prevention, case definition and support messages were printed and disseminated to the membership. Electronic versions were also disseminated as were posters with support messages for special groups including health workers and people living with chronic conditions.
Brochures with community messaging were also developed and distributed to CHAK member health facilities under the CHAK-IMA World Health-ACHAP project.
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
CHAK with funding from development partners supporting various projects management to procure and distribute PPE to over 400 of its member health units. The PPE were procured from MEDS, which in turn distributed them to the beneficiary health facilities. Among the partners who were able to support these efforts were Bread for the World and IMAWorld Health. The PPE purchased and delivered to CHAK MHUs included:

  1. Masks (Surgical, N95, KN95, cloth)
  2. Latex gloves (surgical, sterile and non-sterile)
  3. Hand sanitizer
  4. Jik
  5. Bio-hazard bin liners (black and red)
  6. Hand washing soap
  7. Infrared thermometers
  8. Googles
  9. Disposable caps
  10. Disposable shoe covers

CHAK continues to advocate for more resources to support member units with these essential items.


CHAK supported an on-line TOT training for 20 member health facilities on Infection Prevention and Control through funding from IMA World Health. A total of 30 health care workers, mainly drawn from hospitals and health centres, were trained as TOTs during the 10-day exercise.
The health care workers were drawn from health facilities that were most likely to come into contact with COVID-19 cases due to high patient numbers or positions as referral centres. Among the hospitals that participated in the TOT training were AIC Litein, SDA Nyanchwa, PCEA Chogoria, Jumuia Kaimosi, Maua Methodist, Kendu Adventist, Sagam Community, Lighthouse for Christ, AIC Githumu, Maseno Mission, Nairobi Adventist, COG Mwihila, St Lukes Kaloleni and NCCK Huruma.


The 30 TOTs have managed to cascade the IPC training to over 180 staff in their health facilities and surrounding CHAK member units. The training included a practical aspect in which the health workers were able to identify areas in their health facilities where infection prevention and control could be achieved with minimum investment.

Training and learning resources

CHAK has continued to disseminate information on free COVID-19 training webinars from NASCOP, University of Nairobi and WHO as well as MOH updates on COVID-19. E-resources to support religious communities following the re-opening of places of worship were also disseminated. Earlier in the pandemic, CHAK held weekly COVID-19 webinars targeting health workers in member facilities, which, however, faced the challenge of very low turnout. Links to videos, e-learning modules and MOH COVID-19 e-resources have also been disseminated.


CHAK has been advocating with MOH, COG, Private Sector and Development Partners for support with essential commodities for PPEs and infection prevention and control (IPC). CHAK is encouraging member health facilities to continuously engage with their County Governments since PPEs and other resources from Government and donors are being channeled through the devolved units.
*More PPE were also procured and distributed to CHAK MHUs through other funding including Bread for the World, Germany and projects.

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