"... and on the either side of the river was there the tree of life, which bore twelve kinds of fruit, and yielded her fruit every month: and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations." ... Rev 22.2

CHAK Training Institutions                                                                       

Training and capacity building of human resources for health (HRH) is a key strategic priority for CHAK. In addition to doctors’ internships and masters degree in family medicine facilitated by INFA-MED, other formal training programs offered by CHAK Member Health Units include: 

Elective term attachment for medical students

Several CHAK hospitals provide opportunities for elective term rotation for both local and foreign medical students. Interested students are required to apply directly to the hospitals well in advance in order to be considered and advised on the requirements. The following hospitals run elective term attachment programs:  

  • Maua Methodist Hospital
  • Tumutumu Hospital  
  • Kikuyu Hospital  
  • Coptic Hospital 
  • Kijabe Hospital 
  • Kendu Hospital 
  • Litein Hospital 
  • Tenwek Hospital 
  • Maseno Hospital 
  • Lugulu Hospital 
  • Kapsowar Hospital

Kenya Registered Community Health Nursing (KRCHN)

This is a three-and-a-half year training leading to the award of a diploma in Registered Community Health Nursing. CHAK hospitals offering this training are: 

  •  Chogoria Hospital
  •  Maua Methodist Hospital 
  •  Tenwek Hospital 
  •  Kijabe Hospital 
  •  Tumutumu Hospital 
  •  Kendu Adventist Hospital 
  •  St. Lukes Hospital, Kaloleni 
  •  Maseno Hospital
  •  Kikuyu Hospital
  •  Kapsowar Hospital

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Post basic training to upgrade from Kenya Enrolled Community Health Nurse (KECHN) to KRCHN

This is a one-and-a-half year course that enables certificate nurses to upgrade to diploma level. It is offered in PCEA Chogoria Hospital and Kijabe Hospital. Maua Methodist Hospital and PCEA Tumutumu Hospital are also conducting this course through e-learning.

Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing (BSN)

This is offered at Kenya Methodist University (KEMU). Presbyterian University of East Africa (PUEA) and  Great Lakes University of Kisumu (GLUK).

Post Graduate Surgery Fellowship training

Tenwek Hospital and Kijabe Hospital are offering post graduate fellowship training in general surgery with the College of Surgeons of East, Central and Southern Africa (COSECSA) and PACS. 

Community health and development and health systems management

The Tropical Institute of Community Health in Africa (TICH) of the Great Lakes University of Kisumu (GLUK) offers postgraduate training in Community Health and Development at both Diploma and Masters levels.

Go here to see a summary of health training programmes offered at GLUK 

Kenya Methodist University has pioneered in offering training in Health Systems Management at both under graduate and post graduate level (www.kemu.ac.ke)

Training in ophthalmology for nurses and clinical officers

Kikuyu Hospital Eye Unit and Sabatia Eye Hospital provide ophthalmology training for nurses and clinical officers and also provide attachment for ophthalmology registrars from University of Nairobi Medical School.

Anaethesia training for Registered Nurses

AIC Kijabe Hospital is offering diploma level anesthesia training for Registered Nurses. The course began in 2006 and was the first anesthesia training for nurses in Kenya.