"... and on the either side of the river was there the tree of life, which bore twelve kinds of fruit, and yielded her fruit every month: and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations." ... Rev 22.2

Institute for Family Medicine (INFA-MED)

INFA-MED is Christian-based institution registered in Kenya as a Trust, which began in 1995 at a meeting of representatives of several CHAK-affiliated Church Hospitals from rural Kenya, who had the vision of beginning a post-graduate training program for Family Medicine Practitioners.  In Kenya and as in most of Africa, the emphasis has been on subspecialty training and care while primary care has often been ignored.  Quality health care is inaccessible for much of the population of Africa.  INFA-MED addresses this need through the training of Family Practitioners to provide the needed primary health care for underserved populations specifically targeting rural areas and slums of the cities.

From the year 2000, INFA-MED collaborated with Moi University School of Medicine to begin the first Master of Medicine program in this new specialty for Kenya. As at September 2012, the post graduate program had graduated fifteen Family Physicians. The Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board has recognized Family Medicine as a  specialty in Kenya. The Ministry of Health has also developed a policy on Family Medicine which defines the scope and responsibilities of a Family Physician in health services, medical education and leadership. Efforts are also ongoing to develop Masters in Family Medicine Curriculuim in Nairobi University Medical School and Kabarak University Faculty of Health Sciences.

INFA-MED has also acted as a catalyst in supporting the establishment of the Kenya Association of Family Physicians (KAFP) which provides a framework for advocacy for general practitioners and family physicians. It also organizes and facilitates continuous professional development for doctors and other cadres of health workers.

The vision of INFA-MED reaches out beyond Kenya. The organization has used it's rich experience and expertise to inspire and support family medicine development in other countries of Africa through networking and experience sharing. INFA-MED has been an active member of the East Africa region, the Africa wide region and Global networks of Family Medicine Physicians.



INFA-MED envisions a world where, through development and support of family medicine, every person in their community has access to compassionate health care that exemplifies the healing power of Christ.



INFA-MED is committed to advancing family medicine in the developing world by training and mentoring doctors to be clinicians, teachers, leaders, and life-long learners, who will provide comprehensive health care relevant to community needs. 


Core Values

The core values that guide INFA-MED activities and programs are as follows:

  • Christian witness
  • Love of God and neighbor in our words and deeds
  • Belief in family medicine and humility in service
  • Commitment to excellence in our work
  • Advocacy for the marginalized and underserved
  • Commitment to strategic partnerships through accountability of our leadership
  • Moral and ethical integrity
  • Culture of life-long learning

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