"... and on the either side of the river was there the tree of life, which bore twelve kinds of fruit, and yielded her fruit every month: and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations."Revelation 22.2

Infrastructure development

CHAK has over the last three decades supported its members to develop architectural designs and bring them to reality as buildings. 

The support provided covered the full scope of normal architectural services. These are preliminary investigation and evaluation, detailed design - drawings and tender documents, pre-construction contract services, construction period services and post-construction period services.

A large chunk of CHAK MHUs have benefitted from this architectural support. Some of the notable projects include: 

  • CHAK offices, guesthouse and conference centre 
  • PCEA Tumutumu School of Nursing 
  • Tenwek Hospital Dental Unit and doctor Interns houses
  • PCEA Chogoria Hospital Dental Clinic
  • Mission for Essential Drugs and Supplies (MEDS) ultra-modern warehouses and offices 

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