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AIC Cure opens new out-patient block, marks major milestones

Published On: 27 Jul 2018
AIC Cure opens new out-patient block, marks major milestones

An ultra-modern Outpatient Department (OPD) has been opened at AIC Cure International Hospital, Kijabe. 

The outpatient building was officially opened at a colorful ceremony on the July 27, 2018. The event coincided with 20th anniversary of existence of the institution. 

The OPD will provide care for over 10,000 children a year and perform over 2500 surgeries a year according to current estimates. 

The department will provide services to conditions ranging from club foot, cleft lip and palate, curvature of the spine and disabilities stemming from polio, cerebral palsy, burn contractures, and other congenital abnormalities. 

The hospital also provides prosthesis and orthotics, fabricates and fits artificial limbs for those with amputations of legs and arms and also special shoes to support weak or deformed legs and feet.
The chief guest at the official opening was Hon. Dr David Ole Sankok, a nominated MP representing people with disabilities in Parliament.
The presiding bishop of AIC, Rev. Dr. Silas Yego led the dedication prayers. The new outpatient and administration offices have been developed with funding from Cure International and CBM. 

During the event, the Hospital also launched their new ISO 9001:2015 quality certification. 

A special dinner dubbed ’shinning lights’ was hosted later in the evening to seek partnerships and raise funds to meet various needs at the hospital. The guest of honor at the dinner was the Deputy Vice President Hon. William Ruto. The DP pledged to provide his individual and government support to the hospital. 

The hospital’s 20-year journey has recorded major milestones and impact with mobile clinics in 23 counties across Kenya, awareness on disability to millions, 245,000 out-patients, 40,000 corrective surgeries, 800,000 reached with the gospel, 10,000 mobility assistive divices and 12 orthopaedic surgeons trained. 

The hospital also launched a mobile-based fundraising campaign, Step-In, which has an Mpesa Paybill number. 

The events were also attended by the Founder of Cure International Hospital Dr Scott and his wife Sally and the President and CEO of Cure International, Dr Roger Spoelman.