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ACK Mt Kenya now a 200-bed hospital after new block is opened

Published On: 10 Aug 2018
ACK Mt Kenya now a 200-bed hospital after new block is opened

A dedication ceremony for ACK Mt Kenya Hospital’s new building was held on Friday August 10, 2018. The new building has been named Archbishop Gitari Block, in honor of the late former Archbishop of the Anglican Church in Kenya, Most Rev Dr David Gitari. 

The new two storey building which has been developed through local fundraising, will provide better facilities for in-patient services, administration offices, and has space for a renal dialysis unit. The hospital’s bed capacity will increase to 200. 

Delivering a key note address during the launch, CHAK General Secretary Dr Samuel Mwenda commended the Anglican Development Services-Mt Kenya for its success in running health facilities under its umbrella and the rapid expansion of ACK Mt Kenya Hospital from a small 50-bed institution to its current 200-bed capacity. Another Anglican-run facility in the region, ADS Wanguru, has been upgraded from a health centre to a 20-bed hospital.

He encouraged the hospital administration to focus on continouos quality improvement, embrace technology and partnerships particularly with NHIF, introduce specialized services to build referral capacity, ensure consistent use of MEDS supply chain services for quality essential medicines and plan for the introduction of medical training programmes. The hospital recorded a surplus of Ksh24.3m in 2017.