"... and on the either side of the river was there the tree of life, which bore twelve kinds of fruit, and yielded her fruit every month: and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations."Revelation 22.2

Good progress in MOU between FBO health providers, MOH and Counties

Published On: 19 Dec 2018

Faith Based Health Service Providers, CHAK, Kenya Cenference of Catholic Bishops (KCCB) and SUPKEM, have made good progress in development and adoption of an MOU between them and the Government.
The partnership agreement is between the three faith based health service providers, Ministry of Health (MOH) and county governments.
The Faith Based Health Service Providers in November met with the Director of Medical Services – MOH to discuss the MOU.
During the meeting which was also attended by a representative of the Council of Governors (COG) Secretariat, CHAK General Secretary Dr Samuel Mwenda presented a revised draft of the MOU which incorporated feedback from the MOH and COG. A second draft of the MOU from this meeting has already been circulated.
The COG will facilitate counties’ feedback before the document is sent to the DMS to facilitate legal review by the Attorney General. Thereafter, it will be subjected to the policy makers in MOH and COG for endorsement. The recommendation to have every county governor sign their own copy has been well embraced
A zero draft of the MOU had been prepared early in the year in May and discussed by the Faith Based Health Services Coordinating Committee. It was also shared with CHAK Regional Coordinating Committee chairs and Board for feedback.
The draft was also shared with the DMS-MOH and the Council of Governors chief executive officer. CHAK General Secretary Dr Mwenda also delivered a presentation on the MOU during a meeting of all CECs in Naivasha in July for feedback and comments. 

Faith Based Health Services Consortium (KFBHSC)
The Faith Based Health Services Coordination Committee (FBHSCC) has transformed to the Faith Based Health Services Consortium (KFBHSC).
The transformation follows a challenge by Health Cabinet Secretary Sicily Kariuki to FBOs to have a coordinated structure of engaging MOH. The structure would also be useful for coordinating appointment of FBO representatives to the various policy and governance structures of the health sector.
A meeting held at MEDS offices in October to discuss strategies for strengthening FBOs coordination reviewed the existing terms of reference for the faith based structure.
The Secretariat will be hosted by MEDS and each of the faith based organizations will have a focal person to coordinate communication.
The chair and vice chair positions will rotate between CHAK, KCCB and SUPKEM. The new structure has been inserted in the MoU between faithbased health services, MOH and county governments.
Meeting with Health Cabinet Secretary Sicily Kariuki
Religious leaders from the CHAK network have met with Health CS Sicily Kariuki. During the meeting held in October, CHAK Chairman Rev. Dr. Robert Lang’at led the religious leaders in appreciating the CS for her support to faith based health service providers.
Particularly, the CHAK Chairman thanked the CS, who had invited the team for the visit, for the follow-up meeting and for her gracing the colourful opening of the Tenwek Eye and Dental Unit. The last meeting with the CS was held in March. 
The CHAK team presented progress that has been achieved towards concluding the MoU between MOH, County Governments and Faith Based Health Services.
The CS updated the religious leaders on progress towards piloting UHC.
Rev. Dr. Lang’at presented three requests to the CS:

  • Her support in fast tracking the finalization of the MoU
  • To ensure FBO health facilities were included in all UHC programmes by the Government
  • Invitation to grace the CHAK National Health Conference 2019 which will focus on Universal Health Coverage.
The CS accepted all the requests and committed support to ensure that the MoU was finalized and signed before the end of 2018.