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The CHAK Medical Equipment Laboratory offers maintenance services for radiology, anesthesia and ICU equipment.

Services offered by the laboratory include accurate calibration of equipment, radiology dosimetry reading and radiation surveillance. The facility was set up with funding from Bread For The World, Germany and is run by the CHAK National Health Care Technical Services (HCTS) program.

Dosimetry equipment

The medical equipment laboratory offers radiology dosimetry reading and radiation surveillance, analyzing radiology dosage for hospital staff. It offers superior protection for radiology staff.

Once a hospital enters into a contract with the CHAK NHCTS for this service, the hospital sends its radiology staff personal radiation monitoring badges to the CHAK laboratory for analysis, receives fresh ones for continued use with the service cycle continuing for as long as there is a standing contract. This would ensure hospital radiation staff have their badges with them at all times in compliance with Government regulation. 

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QA QC for radiology equipment

The lab’s QA QC unit for radiology equipment caters for a wide range of equipment including general x-ray, dental x-ray, mobile x-ray, mammogram and c-arm. The kit is able to measure MAs, time, KVP radiation dose and MA. It has various detector attachments to be able to perform these functions.

A CT head and body phantom ensures CT scan equipment are able to give accurate diagnosis.

Other equipment include a centric cross used in x-ray beam alignment and checking radiation sources and a radiation survey metre with German calibration useful for analysing radiation leakage from the hospital radiology departments to safe guard the public, staff and patients from harmful exposure to the rays. 

Radiation protection for the public is required by the Kenya Nuclear Regulatory Authority (KENRA) formerly Radiation Protection Board (RPB) which has set standards for health facilities in the country. The equipment ensures all health facilities seeking services from CHAK NHCTS are compliant to the set Government standards. 

Calibrating ICU and anesthesia equipment 

Also included in medical equipment laboratory is ICU and anesthesia machines calibration equipment. The equipment is able to analyse the flow of various sedating media, pressures, tidal volume, minute volume, frequency of ventilation or breaths per minute, among others. The equipment is designed to work with a wide range of machines. 

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