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The government has pledged to work with religious institutions to deliver efficient and cost-effective health services as well as relevant education.

Speaking during a meeting with faith leaders at State House Nairobi, President William Ruto noted that religious institutions provide 40 per cent healthcare in Kenya and must be core in the Government plan and roll out of the Universal Health Care programme.

CHAK coordinated the successful partnership engagement with President Ruto during with education and health matters were discussed. A Memorandum on Health which highlighted areas of partnership strengthening and challenges that required Government support was presented.

The President, supported by CS Health, DG Health and Chairman of NHIF Board, responded to requests presented by the faith leaders. Education issues were responded to with the support of CS-Education.

Delayed NHIF payments and inadequate service package rates were top on the health agenda during the meeting with President Ruto.  NHIF was represented by Chairman Eng. Michael Kamau and two Board members while MOH was represented by CS Susan Nakhuminchia, DGH Dr Patrick Amoth and DMS Dr Andrew Mulwa.

The MoU between Government (National/MOH and CoG/Counties) and the Kenya Faith Based Health Services Consortium (KFBHSC) will be updated to align to Government policies. 

President Ruto commended religious organisations for their role in the provision of social services. He said the government appreciated their contribution to the provision of health and education and committed to continued partnership with them.

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