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CHAK held its Annual Health Conference and Annual General Meeting 2022 on April 26-28, in Nairobi. The AHC&AGM 2022 whose theme was “Health Systems Transformation for Sustainable Quality Health Care” brought together CHAK members, partners, stakeholders and MOH to discuss developments in the health sector and share systems transformation experiences from the CHAK network.

Several partners also presented successful health service delivery improvement models that were working in CHAK member hospitals.

Rich question and answer and discussion sessions followed each presentation session. The CHAK member health units at the conference took the opportunity offered by the Government session, which comprised presentations on NHIF, vaccines, blood, tissue and human organs transplant services, vaccines and the digital health platform to seek clarifications on issues affecting their operations.      


The Annual Health Conference was officially opened by CHAK Chairman Rt. Rev. Charles Asilutwa who is also the Bishop, ACK Diocese of Maseno North. Taking the opening devotion from the Easter story in the Bible (Luke 24), the CHAK Chairman encouraged the conference participants to keep their eyes on God, stay committed to the cause and do their best to serve patients because just like the women found the stone had been rolled away from Jesus’ tomb, God had removed all obstacles from the paths of those who put their trust in Him. Although health workers faced many challenges in their workplaces, such trials had no power over those who know Jesus. The Chairman encouraged the participants saying that God would give those who persevered victory and bless the work of their hands.

Different speakers delivered devotionals on the various conference days and the CHAK praise and worship team was on hand to help focus participants on the network’s Christian mission and liven up the sessions.    

CHAK programmes

CHAK programmes and projects highlighted some of the innovations that yielded positive results during the year.  

Dr Catherine Njigua, CHAP Uzima project director, gave a presentation on innovation in HIV testing strategies, focusing on index testing and its contribution to identification of HIV-positive clients in the programme. The strategy had contributed to 57 per cent of HIV positive clients identified in the programme. In the 19 project implementation counties, the strategy had the highest yield in Kilifi where 91 per cent of the HIV-positive cases identified were from index testing.

The USAID Jamii Tekelezi programme has developed ISTREAM, a DHIS2-based platform, for data management. Speaking at the AHC, the project Chief of Party Dr. Mutugi Muriithi said deployment of I-STREAM has increased efficiency in M&E operations and plans were underway to support CHAK MHUs and programs to adopt and institutionalize the system.

The CHAK reproductive health programme (RMNCHA) has also made great strides, equipping health facilities, training health care workers from member health units and improving maternal and child health indicators through community mechanisms. Programme leads, Rose Odeny and Jane Kishoyian updated the conference on these achievements.

The COVID-19 pandemic had continued to push the world to its limits in 2021. CHAK implemented several interventions to equip its member health units and churches to deal with the pandemic which the Annual Health Conference was updated on.   

The National Health Care Technical Services (NHCTS) workshop technicians also took the opportunity to market the recently set-up state of the art dosimetry laboratory.

CHAK member health units

CHAK member health units also had opportunity to share systems improvements that were making a positive change in their operations.

The Maua Methodist Hospital team took the AHC participants through the “Multi-dimensional Approach to Health Systems Transformation” that the institution had adopted with great results.

The hospital has undergone a remarkable transformation, from the outpatient department (OPD) to the wards with generous support from African Mission Healthcare (AMH). A new OPD with a reception, revenue and consultation areas has completely changed the face of the institution and the wards have been renovated for privacy and aesthetics.

Issues around human resources for health (HRH) had also been addressed to improve services.

Other developments include introduction of solar energy, revamping of training programmes, embracing virtual meetings, environmental programmes and infrastructure improvements.

Medical training colleges in the CHAK network play a key role in ensuring a steady supply of human resources for health. In a panel discussion moderated by CHAK Human Resources Advisor Patrick Kyalo, Kijabe, Tenwek, Tumutumu, Chogoria and Kendu medical schools highlighted the trainings they were offering and their individual journeys towards expansion and diversification to ensure sustainability.     


Among the partners at hand to share their successes in working with mission hospitals were African Mission Healthcare (AMH), Africa Health Network (AHN), which has partnered with several CHAK hospitals to provide dialysis services and Norvatis, which has partnered with CHAK in the fight against Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs).

Government session

During the Annual Health Conference 2022, the CHAK members also received presentations from various Government departments. Dr Nduku Kilonzo from the Kenya Blood Transfusion and Human Organ Transplant Service spoke to the CHAK members on developments in the critical department to improve services.

An overview of the National Vaccines and Immunization Programme was presented by Dr Rose Jalang'o while Mr. Gilbert Osoro, UHC Manager, NHIF, gave a presentation on reforms by the national health insurer towards achievement of Universal Health Coverage.   

Dr Joseph Sitienei’s presentation on Digital Transformation in Health Care through
MoH Digital Health Platform elicited much interest from the Annual Health Conference participants and a follow-up session was planned after the event. Dr Sitienei is from the Directorate of Health Policy, Research, Monitoring & Evaluation.

Annual General Meeting

During the AGM held on April 28, elections were held for Regional Coordinating Committee chairs in two regions, namely, Central/Nairobi/South East/Coast and Western/North Rift. Joseph Leo from Cascade of Hope Community Health Centre and Ruth Nabiye from ICFEM Hospital were elected by the AGM to represent the two regions in the CHAK Board (EXCO).

News and Highlights

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