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CHAK member health facilities have asked to be included in the pilot phase of the DHP Afya Kenya, an Integrated Digital Health Platform being developed by the MOH, Directorate of Health Policy, Research, Monitoring & Evaluation.  

During a presentation at the CHAK Annual Health Conference 2022 by Dr Joseph Sitienei who heads the Directorate, the CHAK members called on the department to provide linkage in the system for FBO health facilities.

To ensure member health units were not left behind and their needs were taken into account during the system’s development, CHAK hosted a separate meeting in which the Directorate of Health Policy, Research, Monitoring & Evaluation made a detailed presentation on the system. The meeting held both virtually and physically at CHAK Guesthouse and Conference Centre was attended by CHAK, KCCB and MEDS representatives. During the meeting, opportunity for installing the National Health Digital Platform in MHUs was discussed.

The system will be the basis for all operations in a health facility and piloting will begin in May 2022. It is broad based and each user can define roles and give necessary permissions. Additionally, the system will avail a self-service portal for patients and each person will be required to create their own portal with all the required details.   Another important detail is that services are tied to a particular location. This means that patients cannot be queued for services unless they are physically in the location in which they are to be treated.

For security purposes, there is an authorization and authentication module and a user’s activities can be tracked. The data is encrypted, denying access to unauthorized persons even during transmission. A state-of-the-art data centre will handle the system, and it is anticipated that downtime will be greatly reduced.

Among the infrastructure requirements for the system are:

  • Internet connectivity
  • Option of SIM card slots in case there is no Internet
  • ICT preparedness in terms of computers, printers, LAN, etc

A team of TOTs will be trained and expected to cascade the system down to the health facilities. CHAK and MHUs will identify TOTs for this purpose.  

One of the key challenges foreseen is Internet connectivity which many health facilities in rural areas lack. The system developers are working on integration and are in the process of developing a dictionary to guide this process. However, the system is ready to integrate. Sustainability is also expected to be a key challenge although the system’s development is fully paid for.

A high-level demo link will be sent out to CHAK member facilities as they prepare to adopt the system.


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