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Topic: Health care Financing for faith based health facilities for sustainability

Event: CHAK Annual Health Conference & AGM

Venue: AACC, Desmond Tutu Guest House & Conference Centre, Waiyaki Way, Westlands, Nairobi.  

Date: April 27, 2023

Time: 10.00am


Dear members of the fourth estate,

It is my pleasure to welcome you all to this briefing. Thank you for joining us as we celebrate the great collaboration, support, and partnership that we have as the CHAK network that has led to remarkable progress in our health facilities, medical training institutions and health programs. With the Church and our religious leaders at the helm, we have reached great milestones. 

Before I proceed, ladies and gentlemen, allow me to share with you a brief about the Christian Health Association of Kenya (CHAK).

CHAK is a national faith-based organization of the Protestant Churches’ health institutions and programs from all of Kenya which was established in 1946. CHAK is dedicated to promoting universal access to quality health care. The mission of the organization is to facilitate provision of quality health services through health systems strengthening, innovative health programs, training, advocacy, and partnerships as a witness to the healing ministry of Christ. 

CHAK has launched a new Strategic Plan 2023 - 2028 whose theme is: “Promoting access to quality health services delivered through resilient health systems”. The vision is “Quality healthcare for all to the glory of God”. The strategic objectives towards building resilience for quality health services are:

a) Health service delivery

b) Health systems strengthening

c) Advocacy, partnerships and networking

d) Sustainable financing and resource management

e) Strategic information management

f) Branding, marketing and communication

About the CHAK Annual Health Conference

The theme of this year's conference is ‘Health care financing’. The conference will discuss Universal Health Coverage, health care financing strategies, best practices and lessons learned. The forum will provide stakeholders with an opportunity to debate issues, challenges and solutions around health care financing, share experiences and bring their personal contributions on the subject. The conference brings together, among others, CHAK member health units from Level 5 to Level 1 from all over the country, who are keen to achieve sustainability of health care services. 

We wish to reiterate the commitment and investment of Faith Based Organizations (FBOs) in health as we drive the health agenda for the people of Kenya.

According to the Kenya Demographic and Health Survey, about 40 per cent of health care services are provided by FBOs and over 95 per cent of Kenya's population ascribes to a religious affiliation. The FBOs have demonstrated long-term commitment and gained trust from local communities. The faith sector provides spiritual counsel and support, and in some parts of the country is the only or main provider of primary health care at the grassroots in line with the healing ministry of Jesus Christ.

As FBOs, we are committed to being in the frontline in championing Universal Health Coverage, leaving no-one behind, to achieve a bottom-up health delivery model.


CHAK Partnership with Government of Kenya

As we partner with the Government towards achievement of Universal health coverage (UHC), the CHAK network will continue to offer services to indigents at the most affordable rates. CHAK will also continue to champion services in emerging areas like mental health, rehabilitation for drug and substance abuse and support to gender based violence survivors.


CHAK health facilities cashflow difficulties due to NHIF reimbursement delays 

The CHAK members have large pending claims for services already given in 126 health facilities, estimated at Ksh2 billion under NHIF and the CIC insurance consortium. (The CIC network is a group of insurers that cover Kenya police, Kenya Prisons and Teachers Service Commission). In the last six months, less than 30 per cent of claims from these key insurers have being reimbursed. CHAK health care facilities are experiencing cash flow difficulties as a result as they are unable to pay health workers, suppliers and meet basic operational costs.

CHAK is making an appeal that these schemes are immediately resourced with cashflow and premium payments by the relevant parent ministries and commissions, so that the insurers can meet their obligations. We also appeal that the NHIF and CIC consortium urgently make arrangements to pay all pending claims in CHAK health facilities in the next 14 days. The key insurers are encouraged to engage stakeholders and resolve this critical cashflow stalemate without delay.


Current trends: Faith healing agenda

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to mention a few things in view of the horror that we have witnessed in Kilifi County over the last four days. 

As faith-based organizations, we believe that all Kenyans should visit accredited hospitals whenever they fall sick. Our vision is to offer Quality Healthcare for all to the glory of God and our mission is to engage communities to empower them to seek and access quality health care.

We discourage any group or individual from preaching against access to health care. We encourage Kenyans to ignore theories of faith healing that tend to ignore science.

We call upon the public to remain alert and on the look out for individuals and groups that seek to brainwash them. We believe that religion must not be used as cover by people wishing to perpetuate retrogressive myths and misconceptions that will make our people perish.

We send prayers of consolation to the Shakahola families that have been tragically affected by controversial teachings and radicalized religious beliefs, and call upon relevant government agencies to intervene and bring the culprits to book.

We have always counted on the media to help us highlight the health plight of Kenyans and advocate for quality health care for all to the glory of God.

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